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Vitebsk Oblast has 515 libraries, 444 club-type cultural institutions, 62 children’s music schools and art schools, 27 museums, 18 movie distribution enterprises, three colleges, three recreation parks, a zoo, the Vitebsk Oblast center for career enhancement, two theaters and a philharmonic. The cultural institutions offer access to cultural values and services to all people. They are constantly improving the quality of such services and increase the choice available to rural residents.

In 2015, the 24th international art festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk gathered representatives of 42 countries. As many as 130 events and shows were held at 17 venues during the festival.

Two new museums were established in Vitebsk Oblast in 2015. These are the Verkhnedvinsk Local Lore and History Museum and Art Space at Tolstogo 7, which is a branch of the Modern Art Center Museum.

Last year, Vitebsk Oblast entertainment organizations did a lot to improve the quality of concert programs and attract viewers to concert and theater halls.

In Vitebsk Oblast there are several institutions training professionals for the culture and entertainment industry. These are the Sollertinsky Vitebsk State Musical College, the Novopolotsk State Music College, and the Vitebsk State Culture and Arts College.

As many as 20 students of the children’s art schools in Vitebsk Oblast are included in databases of the Belarus president’s special foundation for supporting talented youth.