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Health care

In Vitebsk Oblast there are 108 hospitals, 103 out-patient clinics, 13 early treatment centers, 23 hygiene and epidemiology centers, the regional diagnostic center and a mobile medical diagnostic complex.

Vitebsk Oblast medical specialists currently use more than 300 advanced techniques for diagnostics and treatment of different diseases. They conduct video-assisted cardiac, thoracic, and abdominal surgeries, cancer surgeries, trauma and orthopaedic surgeries, eye surgeries, and other types of medical interventions.

The X-ray endovascular surgery unit of the Vitebsk Oblast Clinical Hospital performs cardiac interventions round the clock.

The first transplant surgery was carried out in 2015.

The healthcare system of Vitebsk Oblast has all the necessary conditions for the delivery of effective rehabilitation and recovery services to children and adults. All in all, there are 44 rehabilitation centers in the region, including Zheleznyaki of the Vitebsk Oblast Cardiology Center, Krupenino of the Vitebsk Oblast Center for Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders, Lyos of the Orsha Central Out-Patient Clinic, Yurtsevo of the hospital for disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and also children’s health and rehabilitation centers Zhemchuzhina in Lepel District, Vetraz in Postavy District, and Raduga in Liozno District.

Individual approach to patients, highly-qualified medical specialists, vast opportunities for diagnostics and treatment, and the best price-quality ratio contribute to the development of medical tourism in Vitebsk Oblast. Some 20,000 foreign nationals receive medical and rehabilitation services in the Belarusian region annually.

The Vitebsk Oblast Medical Tourism Center ( specializes in the development and organization of treatment and recovery programs. It provides high-quality services to patients from different parts of the world.

The production sector plays a key role in the development of the economy of Vitebsk Oblast. It enables sustainable operation of other sectors of the country’s economy, satisfies the demand for essential goods, and shapes Belarus’ export potential.