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In 2017, a total of Br1,738.6 million of capital investment was injected into the Vitebsk Oblast economic and social sectors, 98.9% of 2016.

Construction and assembly works accounted for 47.1% of the total investment in Vitebsk Oblast. Some 38.6% of investment was used to purchase machinery and equipment. The rest 14.3% was spent on other works and expenses.  

The main sources of financing were the internal funds of organizations (43.8% of the total investment), consolidated budget (20.7%), and bank loans (13.2%).

Foreign sources (foreign investment, loans from foreign banks and foreign credit lines) accounted for 6.6% of capital investment.

Capital investment was primarily used to develop manufacturing (Br1,107.5 million, or 63.7% of the total volume of investment in Vitebsk Oblast).

In 2017, Vitebsk Oblast raised $170.5 million in foreign investment and $75 million in FDI. Net FDI inflows reached $23.8 million.

Vitebsk Oblast is carrying out several projects in cooperation with foreign investors: to construct a metal rolling mill in Miory District and a shop equipment factory in Vitebsk, to produce turf substrates in Sharkovshchina District, polyethylene pipes in Tolochin District, non-standard steel structures in Polotsk District, generic medicines in Beshenkovichi District, and other projects.

Vitebsk Oblast is home to 880 legal entities with foreign capital from 41 countries: Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Czechia, the Netherlands, the USA, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Canada, and other countries.