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Law conference to gather specialists from five countries in Vitebsk Oblast

29.09.2017 The international conference Traditions and Innovations in Law will take place at the regional educational and scientific law center in the village of Mezhdurechye, next to Novopolotsk, on 6-7 October, learned from Polotsk State University.

Scientists and specialists in jurisprudence from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Sweden will discuss problems of judicial science and practice taking into account the continuance and innovative development of national legal systems and international law. “We have invited specialists from the universities with which the law department of Polotsk State University has already established or establishing ties,” Yekaterina Chizhik, an assistant at the department on criminal law and forensics explained. The meeting will focus on the legislation on environmental protection, different aspects of innovations in law-enforcement activities and the protection of the interests of the family and minors. A program of clinical law education will be presented during the event. The program has been also introduced in Polotsk State University. The conference will mark 20 years of the law department and 50 years of Polotsk State University.


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