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Polotsk passes baton to Ivanovo as next host of Belarusian Written Language Day

04.09.2017 The town of Ivanovo, Brest Oblast will host the anniversary 25th edition of the Belarusian Written Language Day. The ceremony to pass the baton of the Written Language Day to Ivanovo took place in Polotsk on 3 September.

Belarusian Information Minister Lilia Ananich remarked at the ceremony that this year's Written Language Day is rich in various activities. “2018 will mark the anniversary edition of the holiday. This means that the organization of celebrations should be top-notch,” she underlined.

Chairman of the Polotsk District Executive Committee Nikolai Shevchuk expressed gratitude on behalf of Polotsk residents for the right to host the Written Language Day in Polotsk for the third time. “Polotsk has done everything to make the holiday a success. We are now passing the baton to the town of Ivanovo. Way to go, the Written Language Day!” Nikolai Shevchuk added. In turn, Chairman of the Ivanovo District Executive Committee Yuri Bisun underlined that the delegation of Ivanovo took part in the celebrations in Polotsk with great pleasure.

The town, he said, is the country's historical center of culture, science, literature, and book printing. It was Polotsk that hosted the first ever Belarusian Written Language Day. “We are proud that our Ivanovo (former Yanov) has been chosen as the 2018 Written Language Day host. It is rich in historical heritage and spiritual traditions. This is the place where the families of Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Belarusian artist and public figure Napoleon Orda originated. Our land has given birth to many modern writers,” Yuri Bisun noted. He expressed confidence that Ivanovo will welcome guests properly and will introduce them to the town's heritage.


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