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Vitebsk radio parts factory to make CIS' first compact condensers in 2017

22.02.2017 The Vitebsk-based radio parts factory Monolit intends to become the first CIS electronics manufacturer to make miniature condensers as small as 1.0x0.5mm in 2017, BelTA learned from Olga Ushal, Head of the company's Marketing and Sales Department. 

The condenser K10-84v has been developed in-house and is now going through all kinds of tests. Results of the tests will be used to get permit documents, including for sales in Russia. Commercial production will begin after that. According to the source, such compact condensers are in demand in electronics industry. They come in handy for making portable radio stations, instruments for aircraft and spacecraft and other applications where spare lift and space are at a premium. For instance, delivering one gram of cargo into an orbit around the Earth costs as much as four grams of gold. The Vitebsk radio parts factory Monolit has been able to come up with the new condenser after finishing an investment project to upgrade its condenser and thermistor manufacturing facilities in 2015. A number of technological novelties were used for the first time to produce these condensers. In 2016 the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry authorized the use of these condensers as part of Russian army hardware and special hardware. In 2016 sales of the K10-84v condensers soared by 400% in comparison with 2015. Although the new condensers represent only 1.2% of the Belarusian company's condenser sales, specialists expect the demand to soar in roughly five years when new special-purpose electronics to use the condensers is ready for batch production after trials. 

The Vitebsk-based radio parts factory Monolit was established in 1958. It is Belarus' only and the CIS' leading manufacturer of multiple-layer ceramic condensers. The enterprise went public in 2009. In 2011 the company Kulon based in Saint Petersburg, Russia bought the controlling interest. An investment contract was signed on the further retooling of the company's manufacturing facilities and expanding the choice of products. In 2016 the company sold over Br12 million worth of merchandise in current prices, with the share of innovative products close to 23%. Sales profitability exceeded 12.2%. About 96% of the output is exported. The exports are shipped primarily to Russia as well as other ex-USSR countries.


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